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Thailand to Host Sri Lankan Talks - Slap in the face of India. by By K.T.Rajasingham Thailand has officially agreed to host the historic Peace Talks between the Sri Lankan Government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE),expected to be held in May this year in Thailand, which is being facilitated and brokered by Norway. This was confirmed in Bangkok on Friday morning (29 March 2002), when Surkiat Sathirathai, the Foreign Minister of Thailand and Vidar Helgesen, the Norways Deputy Foreign Minister announced at a joint Press Conference, held at the Thai Foreign Ministry. The place and the date of the commencement of the talk are yet to be decided, but it is expected that talks may commence in Bangkok, by the first week of May. By Thailand coming forward to host the Sri Lankan peace talks, India has finally lost its place as a mediator and peace broker once and for all. Several political observers are of the opinion that, this is a painful slap in the face of India, who all these years claimed as a regional power in South and South East Asia and was remote controlling ethnic conflict especially in the Island republic.

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Mr.Mylvaganam Nimalarajan was gunned down by some unidentified persons in the Sri Lanka Army's high security zone in Jaffna on October 19, 2000. Mr.Nimalarajan fearlessly reported the intimidation, thuggery and election malpractice during October,2000 general elections in Jaffna.

Independent sources suspected a Tamil political group which was an ally of the then government had been involved in the journalist's murder.

The Sri Lankan Government should arrest those involved in the killing, however big they are.

SRI LANKA: THE UNTOLD STORY Chapter 42: (Press here for FULL TEXT)

"Was One of the Magi, A King from Lanka?" -

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