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Angola & Peace
Arms Race - Analysis.
Tiger Base - Analysis
ANALYSIS- Jaswant Singh...
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An Analysis on the Bomb Blasts.
Sri Lankan peace process
Of Peace a prediction
Peace Process
About Peace in Lanka ...
Norwegian initiated Peace Negotiation
Presidential election
Karunanidhi's Arrest- Episode
Humiliating Debacle
Save: Tamil Civilians.
International Criminal Court
Open letter to K. Jana Krishnamurthy
R.I.P. - Our K.P.
Press Conference
Interview with Senator ....
Interview with Sulak....
CANAL- A survey
Historical Survey of Eelam
Treatise on Beginning
Tipu Sultan - The Journalist from Bangladesh
Destiny of Marie Colvin
The Politics of Duplicity.
constitution making in Thailand
Mines Menace
Angolan Summit Meet
War - No end in sight.
Pope's Visit
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Index to Sri Lanka: Untold Story - Chapters

The following are links to a series of articles published by Asia Times On Line.

Authored by K.T. Rajasingham, it is essentially a synopsis on the post colonial history of Ceylon (Sri Lanka). The first chapter explains the ancient history of the island as a thread to the current conflict. The ensuing chapters are descriptive of the colonial and post-colonial history.

Interesting reading...

Chapter 1: The first teardrops

Chapter 2: Beginning of British Rule

Chapter 3: Muslim riots and communal rumblings

Chapter 4:The Ceylon National Congress and its intrigues

Chapter 5: Political polarization on communal lines

Chapter 6: Donoughmore - Tamils no more

Chapter 7: State Councils - elections and boycotts

Chapter 8: Pan Sinhalese board of ministers - A Sinhalese ploy

Chapter 9: British Concordance and concoctions

Chapter 10: Lord Soulbury and his soulless report

Chapter 10: Lord Soulbury and his soulless report

Chapter 11: On the threshold of freedom

Chapter 12: Tryst with independence

Chapter 13: A nightmarish British legacy

Chapter 14: Post-colonial realignment of political forces

Chapter 15: Turbulence in any language

Chapter 16: 'Honorable wounds of war'

Chapter 17: Assassination of Bandaranaike

Chapter 18: Srimavo - weeping arrogance

Chapter 19: Anguish and pain

Chapter 20 - Tamil leadership lacks perspicuity

Chapter 21 - A further lack of perspicuity

Chapter 22: 'Only God Can Save the Tamils'

Chapter 23: Srimavo's constitutional promiscuity

Chapter 24: Tamil militancy - a manifestation

Chapter 25: War or peace?

Chapter 26: When conflict turns to terror

Chapter 27 - Horsewhip Amirthalingham

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